Site Clearance

Site clearance is the removal of accumulated wastes or disposal materials from a piece of land to make it free from any kind of obstacles, hazards, or debris. Site clearance is usually carried out when a particular area is required to be prepared for a construction activity or when a previously developed construction site is demolished.   Whatever the reason may be, site clearance is necessary that the whole process must be carried out under strict health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Essential Requirements for Site Clearance Activity

The preparation of a risk assessment report is the most important thing that should be kept in mind before carrying out a clearance activity. Based on the risk assessment report, necessary recommendations are made to ensure the health and safety of the personnel that are directly or indirectly involved in the site clearance activity.


  • Some important health and safety requirements that must be fulfilled before and during the clearance activity includes:
  • Implementation of all the safety precautions mentioned in the risk assessment report.
  • Availability of first aid facilities at the working site.
  • Arrangement of personal protective equipment (PPE) for all the personnel involved in the clearance activity.
  • Placement of barricades, warning signs, lights, and fences at all the places where they are required.
  • Maintenance of temporary or permanent roads to ensure the safe movement and access of workers and equipment throughout the working area.
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A General Methodology for Site Clearance Activity

  • Before carrying out a site clearance activity, it is necessary that the service provider must conduct a survey of that particular area to identify the basic requirements that are essential for clearance activity. A general site clearance activity includes:
  • Marking of the area that is subjected to clearance activity.
  • Before commencement of a clearance activity, records related to the existing condition of the working area must be maintained.
  • In the areas where trees are required to be removed, seek permission from the concerned authorities before starting a clearance activity.
  • Mark all the trees, vegetation, bushes, and stumps that are required to be removed before the commencement of the operation.
  • Make temporary roads or pavements as and when required to facilitate the site clearance activity.
  • Remove all the marked trees, vegetation, bushes, and stumps by following the standard operating procedures meant for such activities.
  • Remove and dispose of all the unusable and high-risk materials that are not of any value and cannot be subjected to recycling procedure.
  • Acquire permission from the concerned authority for a particular landfill site where you can dump your waste and disposal materials.
  • After the disposal of all the unwanted and waste materials, fill back and compact the cavities present in the working area.
  • Restore the working area in a clean, tidy, and stable condition after completion of the clearance activity.

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